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Noodle True New Look
プラスチック ビーチ
Vital Stats

Birth Name:
鈴木ゴン蔵(Suzuki Gonkura)

Date of Birth:

October 31, 1990 (Age 25 of 2015)

Place of Birth:
Osaka, Japan

2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10r UK Model, Blue

Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus EX, Fender American Standard Telecaster Blue, Yamaha FS720S Blue, Altus 5407 Series 14K Gold Handmade Alto Flute (with straight tip), Akai MPC Fly iPad MIDI Controller (iPad must be attached), Korg R3 MiniSynth, Fender Baja Telecaster Yellow

Currently Resides:
Today, she resides in the house at 212 Wobbly Street in London, England.


Secret Japanese Military-Provided Education

Significant Other(s):


Mr.ナパ市ゴン蔵(Napashi Gonkura), Father; Ms.ソララゴン蔵(Solara Gonkura), Mother
Mr.悟空タシ久蔵 (Goku Tashi Kyuzo), Military Mentor
Mr. Kyuzo was executed in 2009 for keeping noodle alive.
Mr. Gonkura was executed after being arrested for child abuse, sending Noodle away to the Government.
Ms. Gonkura now liveshappily in Osaka, Japan.

Tattoos/piercings and other notable features:
Burn on her face

Trademark Look:
Purple hair and fringe over eyes and rosy cheeks.

Eye Color:
Green/Black (Eyes are green, but appear to be black from a distance)


"5'5 or 5'4"

Noodle, Luv, Darlin, Babe, F***in' Fire-Breather

Hobbies/outside interests:

Miyazaki movies; Johnny Thunders; Richie Sambora, drinking lots of Vodka

Artist Biography
Noodle is the guitarist and female vocalist in the Gorillaz. She joined the Gorillaz when they (presumably Murdoc) put an ad out for a guitarist, and Noodle arrived in a Fed-ex box. At first she could only speak Japanese and very few words of English. However, during the bands down-time in November 2003, Noodle went back to her home country and her amnesia was alleviated. She discovered she knew English fluently and was one of 23 children in a 'super soldier' project; thusly, she was a master of weapons, many languages, and musical instruments (specifically the guitar). Mr. Kyuzo headed the project and shipped Noodle to England so she may enjoy success. When she returned she began immediately working on the Demon Days album.

Noodle has supposedly "disappeared" since her video crisis in the El Mañana video. In the video for On Melancholy Hill, Noodle is seen on a cruiser ship wearing a mask and wielding a tommy gun shooting at airplanes attacking the ship. After shooting down one plane the other drops a bomb onto the ship. Shortly after Noodle climbs onto a lifeboat she presumably put there (as her guitar is already in it) which afterwards is seen being lifted out of the water on Russel's enormous head. What actually happened was a portal to hell opened up, right about the time Noodle parachuted off the falling windmill mass in the Em Mañana, and she fell into it (how the portal opened up is still a mystery). "Apparently", the Boogieman came in to rescue her, and being there left her with the burn scar on her face. She got on a boat headed to American Samoa, and the boat was shot down by pirates from the Black Clouds gang, who had been chasing after Murdoc and the band after some un-paid deeds. She safely was able to return to Plastic Beach, destroy the cyborg, but then Plastic Beach was blown up. Then they moved to the 'Do Ya Thing' house, where they are now living.

Today, she resides in the house at 212 Wobbly Street in London, England.

Career Highlights

Background in music:

Guitarist, vocalist

First band/big break:

Former band(s)

How she joined the band:
Noodle arrived in a FedEx crate in response to an ad posted by Gorillaz for a guitarist.

Musical icons/influences:

Johnny Thunders, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi Guitarist).

Best known for...

Favorite genre(s):
  • Indie Pop
  • Synthpop
  • Indietronica
  • Synthwave
  • Chillwave
  • Nu-Disco
  • Dance
  • J-Pop
  • Alternative Hip Hop (Beastie Boys)

Upcoming plans/side projects:
Plastic Beach(arrived and finished)

Real people behind Noodle:

  • Noodle vocals: Miho Hatori (from CibboMatto)
  • Noodle vocals: Tina Weymouth (from Talking Heads)
  • Noodle's speaking voice: actress Haruka Kuroda
  • Noodle's guitar work: Simon Katz, Simon Tong, and Damon Albarn


    • She is fascinated by the number "23"
    • She's Shinto, yet celebrates Christmas (british way)
    • She was confirmed to be born on Halloween
    • She suffers from depression, due to her separation from the band after the El Mañana incedent, causing her to go to hell (she was surprisingly rescued by the Boogieman)
    • 私のスプーンが大きすぎます!
    • 私はバナナです!
    • "This one makes me want to stick a hot match up my bum!"
    • "2D, you know Murdoc. He probably is having sex and/or stealing wallets from those Twitter freaks!"
    • "私はヌードル。"
    • "Thank you and see you soon! Bye-Bye!"
    • "My name is Nuudoru"
    • "It is better to light a candle than to complain about the darkness."
    • "it is not wise to despise the snake for having no horns,for who is to say it will not become a dragon."
    • "Every band is destroyed by its success. Cartoon bands are no exeption"
    • "There's an old japanese saying; but you don't wanna hear it right now"
    • "Murdoc, you wining mother-f****** b******! You sat on 2D again!"
    • ”全の幸せできにあるだえてるやん。”
    • ”さようなら2Dは...あなたを愛し...”




    Noodle - Gorillaz Wiki
    Noodle in a graveyard

    Noodle - Gorillaz Wiki
    Noodle in 2005

    Noodle - Gorillaz Wiki
    Noodle in 2004

    Noodle - Gorillaz Wiki
    Noodle & Mr. Kyuzo
    Noodle with stolen 2D cig
    Noodle with one of 2D's cigarettes
                Noodle - Gorillaz Wiki                       
                           Young Noodle

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